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At purely elizabeth, we believe that good health begins with what you put in your body. But how you live also plays a crucial role. So how do YOU live life purely? What does eating purely & living purely mean to you?  For some living the pure life could mean simplifying things, eating (or not eating) certain foods, getting out in nature, living more eco-friendly, enjoying life slowly, celebrating...

We invite you to participate in this project by submitting your answer to this question along with any fun photos that conjure up the pure life. By submitting your entry, you will automatically be enrolled in our LIVE PURE contest. Prizes range from a sneak peek look at our newest products to the grand prize- a weekend getaway to The Essex, Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa, the epitome of living life purely! 



Check back often as we will be updating this page with photos, tips and advice from both you and health + wellness experts!

Meet Catherine Ziegler, Co-founder of Crave Health:

To me, living purely means authentically striving for a healthy body inside and out. I aim to live life doing my best most of the time with a little part left for wiggle room. As a former perfectionist,this hasn’t come easily but is something I aim to live by and encourage my clients to live by everyday. In our house, the pure life includes home cooked meals, hiking with my husband and dog, trying new local foodie restaurants with friends, vinyasa yoga, kettle bellworkouts, tennis, vintage Champagne, almond flour chocolate chip cookies and of course, Purely Elizabeth! 

San Francisco is just about the best place I could be for inspiration for living purely - I've never lived in a city so full of everything I love and enjoy. My favorite quote by Harold Whitman motivates me in my work every day to celebrate the successes, accept the challenges, and move forward..."Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."






















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