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At purely elizabeth, we believe that good health begins with what you put in your body. But how you live also plays a crucial role. So how do YOU live life purely? What does eating purely & living purely mean to you?  For some living the pure life could mean simplifying things, eating (or not eating) certain foods, getting out in nature, living more eco-friendly, enjoying life slowly, celebrating...

We invite you to participate in this project by submitting your answer to this question along with any fun photos that conjure up the pure life. By submitting your entry, you will automatically be enrolled in our LIVE PURE contest. Prizes range from a sneak peek look at our newest products to the grand prize- a weekend getaway to the The Essex, Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa, the epitome of living life purely! 

Meet Whitney Lauritsen, founder of ecovegangal.com

I’ve been a vegan and environmentalist for over 5 years, and both passions took a while to develop. Recently, I realized why they were so important to me - they brought me closer to purity. However, I felt that I wasn’t living as purely as I could. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word pure is “without any extraneous and unnecessary elements”. When I stepped back and took a look at my lifestyle, I saw that there was a lot of nonessential elements - for example, I was eating food that wasn’t nutritious and was wrapped in a lot of packaging. I resolved to ask myself a question whenever I was making a decision: “do you truly need this?”  In many cases, the answer was, “no"

Once I started examining my diet, I realized that refraining from the consumption of animal products did not necessarily mean I was eating healthy food. A lot of my meals contained high amounts of gluten, soy, sugar, and oil - all highly processed foods. So, I decided to greatly reduce each item from my diet to keep it pure and simple; this turned out to be a breeze! Suddenly, I noticed all sorts of healthy alternatives at natural markets and gained a stronger appreciation for fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. I began cooking at home more often, and as a result I saved money because I wasn’t buying a lot of packaged products. The most exciting result was that I got in better shape - I shed several pounds, my skin cleared up, and I had much more energy which inspired me to exercise frequently. I felt a deeper connection to my body, mind, and the planet, and I was simply happy. Needless to say, I am a big believer in the power of purity.

As for advice - I recommend examining your own habits around food and paying attention to how it makes you feel. You may realize that you eat mainly out of habit and cravings rather than necessity, and that the short term gratification isn’t worth the long term effects on your body. Open yourself up to trying new things, especially fresh, unpackaged foods, and start by shopping mainly in the produce and bulk sections. Be creative in the kitchen - there are great recipes online that are simple, quick, affordable, and delicious. Don’t be surprised if you start to look and feel better within a few days!



















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