Our perfect pancake mix blends 5 whole grain flours with 3 superfood seeds,
creating a delicious powerhouse breakfast. Packed with 5g of fiber and 4g of
protein. Light and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness, these pancakes melt in your
mouth. Your Sunday just got a little more perfect.

  • gluten free certified
  • certified vegan
  • no sugar
  • no GMO's, artificial colors or flavors
  • millet flour: an ancient grain high in B vitamins
  • teff flour: an ancient grain from Ethiopia high in iron and calcium
  • buckwheat flour: made from a fruit rich in b vitamins
  • flax seed, hemp seed + chia seeds- superfoods providing excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein.

purely elizabeth gluten free vegan pancakes

Allergen Statement: Manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts and soy.

Net Wt. 12.5 oz (354g)

Net Wt. 12.2 oz
Makes 2 batches of 12 pancakes





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