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I have tried a lot of gluten free pancake mixes and purely elizabeth is absolutely the best! The texture is light and fluffy and the pancakes DO NOT crumble apart like other GF pancakes I've tried! All of the muffins ROCK, but the cacao muffin is my personal favorite! And the fact that you can make all of the recipes dairy free is awesome!!!

- Renee H. - Massachusettes

I am writing you to let you know how much I enjoy your product, especially the blueberry muffins. I work at a childcare center with young children, and if there is one thing parents are forever coming to me asking about, it's food! Parents are always looking for ideas about what to feed their kids. Something that they'll actually eat, that's tasty, that's easy and fast, and most of all that is healthy and they can feel good about serving.

So far, the parents that have tried your products, couldn't be happier. One of the best parts fpr them seems to be how well the muffins freeze. Parents can just pulled one out in the morning for breakfast, or to send to school for snack. For them there is nothing better then 'fast food' that's both healthy and something they can feel good about serving. I haven't heard any complaints from the kids either!

-Lizzie Sutherland Greenwich CT

My condo smells like heaven...The muffins tasted better than the aroma - if that is possible.
Thank you

-Norma Jaffe

I made the blueberry for my little ones class for snack and his teacher said the kids couldn't eat them fast enough. And, my 5 year old told me that the pancakes were the best he "ever had in his life"!! :)

-Kate Bentfield

You make the best muffins ever! I got all of the mixes for Christmas! Thank you for creating something healthy and delicious:)...

I absolutely love the Ultimate Cacao Muffin Mix. It wins first place for my taste buds even up against chocolate muffins made with butter and white sugar. Seriously, I love them and I don't feel guilty after I eat them:)

Thank you again!

I found out about your products from my nutritionist, and I have to say am EXTREMELY thankful and hope to see more. I made the maple blueberry muffins for my family for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving and, as a healthy alternative to a white, overly sweetened boxed blueberry muffin mix, they LOVED them. The taste was so unique, there was SO much flavor. YUM!

Thank you for all that you do to support healthy living.

All the best,

Amy Whalen




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