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Before launching purely Elizabeth, I worked full time as a holistic nutrition counselor helping clients heal their minds and bodies with whole foods.  What I loved most about it, was seeing the power of foods to heal the body and helping clients develop a balance of work, play and self-care to achieve optimal wellness.  While I am no longer taking any clients, these fabulous holistic health counselors are! The list below is a great resource of outstanding health counselors who work with celiac/gluten sensitive clients. They get it.  Not only do they get it, but they will help you make this new lifestyle fun! Come away gluten-free and healthier then every before.

Jennifer Finberg, CHC
Celiac Coach: Health & Nutrition Counseling


Jennifer Finberg, a certified health counselor, is the founder of Celiac Coach, a nutrition counseling practice devoted to gluten-free diets and dedicated to teaching healthy living through lifestyle and nutrition choices. She offers one on one nutrition counseling, menu planning, grocery store tours, group programs and workshops. She is available to work in person in the Los Angeles area or via phone or Skype. Jennifer, who specializes in celiac disease and gluten-free diets, has been gluten free since 2001.

Megan Groves, LMP, MAMT, CHHC


Megan Groves is a Holistic Health Counselor and Abdominal Massage Therapist specializing in digestive and reproductive health. She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and has studied closely with internationally reputed Paul Pitchford (Healing with Whole Foods) and Rosita Arvigo (Mayan Abdominal Massage). As a Celiac herself, she brings compassion and depth to her work with clients via three coaching programs: Holistic Digestive Health, Gluten Free Coaching, and Women’s Health and Fertility programs. She works with people nationally and internationally to make positive, incremental changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Maureen Wheeler CHHC,AADP

Eat Clean. Live Green. Be Healthy!


Maureen helps people find their sweet spot – that amazing place where their food and lifestyle choices begin to integrate into their daily life to bring optimal health, and where those choices happily resonate with their new found realization that It's All Connected! Maureen specializes in working with those on a gluten free diet, being gluten intolerant herself.


Catherinze Ziegler HHC, NE and Kendra Strasburg HHC

Crave Health


Nutritionally speaking, we are as diverse as our experiences. Just as there is no one way to live, there is no single way to thrive.  As health counselors, we work with you in areas such as natural weight equilibrium, food cravings, sleep, energy, and digestion.  Our mission is to support you in your health concerns and inspire you to find your best, healthy self.


Lauren Slayton


Gluten free Foodtraining will help you learn which naturally gluten free foods are the best for you, avoid cross-contamination, understand what to order when eating out and discover gluten free versions of your favorite foods. We will guide you in achieving a well balanced gluten free diet full of foods you will love (and some you never knew you did).

Amie Valpone- Culinary Nutrition Consultant
The Healthy Apple



Ali Shaprio HHC


Ali combines her education in nutrition, mindfulness-based stress reduction and coaching with her passion for wellness and experience as an 18-year cancer survivor to support career dieters who want an exit strategy by making peace with food, their bodies and their lives. Food allergies play a major role in emotional eating and Ali specializes in those wishing to explore the gluten, dairy and/or soy free lifestyles and the connection between their weight loss struggles.

Defy an I.B.S. diagnosis with gluten-free living Teleclass



Hadley Seward HHC

Spark Wellness


Hadley Seward is a holistic health coach who works with men and women who want to reach their ideal weight, discover hidden food allergies, and feel more confident about what they eat. Her particular focus is helping women learn to eat intuitively and feel more comfortable with their bodies. Hadley is the co-founder of Spark! Wellness and works with clients both in New York City and around the country.


Mary Langfield, CHHC



Ann Gibson HHC
Sustainable Living & Functional Nutrition Coach ~ for Women Who are Going Places!


Donna Gallers HHC


Jennifer Ashley-Maurice CHHC


Christie Korth, CHC
Happy & Healthy Wellness Counseling
Located at Mindful Turtle Yoga and Wellness

Whole Body, Whole Food, Whole Health LLC

My primary focus is digestive disorders and emotional eating. Many of my clients have crohn's, rheumatoid arthritis, etc and have gone gluten free with my guidance.






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