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Dear Friends,

We know how frustrating it can be to be shopping at your local health food store and not be able to pick up a bag of purely elizabeth treats from the shelf. So we are offering a case of free mixes to everyone who helps stock store shelves!

One of the best ways to get new products into small stores comes from the requests of customers asking for healthier alternatives. I invite you to become part of our Suggest A Store Program and help make a difference! It's simple. On your next shopping excursion tell the manager/buyer why you think purely elizabeth would be a good product for them and give them my contact information. Then, let us know who you spoke with. If the store places an order, we will send you a case of our mixes on the house as our way of saying thanks!

Feel free to download and print [this flyer] to bring with you or bring along your purely elizabeth mix so they can see first hand. Thank you so much for spreading the word! Don't forget to email us who you contacted so we can thank you with some goodies.


purely yours,





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