Homemade Probiotic Yogurt

This homemade yogurt by @thenoglutengirl is delicious and good for your gut! The 24-hour fermentation process removes the majority of the lactose from this yogurt while simultaneously creating gut-healing probiotics. 

See below for the directions to make your own at home. Customize it with your favorite toppings- or get fancy with some caramelized bananas and Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Hazelnut Grain-free Granola + MCT Oil


1/2 gallon organic whole milk (no gums, no additives)

3-4 tsp gelatin powder (the more you use, the thicker it will be)

Powdered yogurt starter (the amount needed will vary by brand of starter, so be sure to look at the package directions for how much starter to add to 1/2 gallon of milk) 


  1. Pour milk into a large non-stick pot/pan and add 1 tsp gelatin at a time, whisking thoroughly so that there are no clumps. 
  2. Heat slowly to 180-185°F. Make sure not to scorch the milk, stirring as needed.
  3. When the milk reaches 180-185°F, remove from heat and let cool until it is approx. 112°F to 115°F. 
  4. Once cool, add in your starter and whisk thoroughly.
  5. Pour the mixture into your yogurt container. 
  6. Depending on your yogurt maker, this next step may vary. If using a Yogourmet, pour the yogurt mixture into the internal yogurt container and close the top. Put lukewarm water in the external yogurt container, up until the half inch line. 
  7. Put the top on the yogurt marker, plug it in, and set your alarm for 24 hours. 
  8. Take out the yogurt after 24 hours and cool the yogurt for 6 hours in the refrigerator before serving.  
July 13, 2020 — Purely Elizabeth Admin
Tags: Recipes