“Those” people who set their alarms for 5:00am to make it through Soulcycle before the sun even comes up… crazy right!? While getting up before Mother Nature can seem intimidating, I find that working out in the morning is the easiest way to stick to my fitness routine. Think about it, nothing is going to spontaneously “come up” at 5:00am and cause you to drop your workout. You’ll be filled with energy and endorphins while arriving at work and can enjoy your entire night with friends, family or just an extra episode of Netflix.

Here are the top five hacks that help me get out of bed and get moving:

  1. Prep the night before

This seems simple, but not having to open drawers and rummage through mis-matching workout gear is KEY in the mornings. I like to put out my clothes & sneakers, fill up my water bottle and leave my keys on the counter so that there’s no extra thinking involved.

  1. Snack smarter

It’s a matter of personal preference on whether you eat before the gym, but I like to have a small snack that keeps me full, and focused on form rather than my rumbling stomach during class. Homemade granola bars, a handful of coconut cashew grain free granola, or a small banana are some of my favorites.

  1. Have a plan

Whether it’s scheduling a class or planning out your time at the gym, DON’T show up without an intention. Classes are the easiest way to have a teacher instruct and motivate you, but there are plenty of ways to also have a great solo sesh. Print out a treadmill HIIT routine or know which groups of body parts you’ll be targeting on a certain day.

  1. Enlist a friend

Okay so you scheduled a morning class but your alarm goes off and you bail. I’m sure we have all been there. One of the things that will keep you accountable is enlisting the help of a friend to meet you there. Both of you will feel bad for ditching the other, so it’s a win-win workout! Plus grabbing some coffee together after could be an extra incentive to get there and get through it.

  1. Get enough sleep!

No matter how much motivation you have, a terrible night’s sleep is going to negatively affect your workout. Try to shoot for at least 7 hours. Keep cell phones & technology out of the bedroom, sip on a calming reishi latte and remember that you’ll have extra time to Netflix tomorrow!

Follow these tips and I promise your next morning wake will be easy as cake!