Productivity Hacks with Leah Goldglantz

We chatted with our friend, Leah Goldglantz (AKA @leahsplate), to learn her top tips for staying motivated and sane while navigating uncharted territories. Check out her hacks below! 

1) What's something you do in the morning to set you up for a productive day? I swear by my morning routine and truly treasure it! I always workout in the morning otherwise it won't happen. Moving my body every morning is so important to me and gives me more energy throughout the day. I switch it up with yoga, boxing and weight training. I also can't live without my freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning :)

2) What's your favorite food to fuel you for a busy day? I love fueling (and nourishing) my body with a big smoothie! I always include a handful of greens to make sure I'm getting my greens in (you can't even taste it) and always add a healthy fat. I also love a bit of organic granola on top of my smoothie for a good crunch!

3) Any advice for when you're feeling uninspired? Step away from your work for a day and focus on what makes you feel good and happy - indulge yourself! After staying off my phone and computer for 24 hours and just focusing on myself and what I need, I often come back feeling inspired and refreshed. Breaks are essential! A good yoga flow is also a great way to reset my mind.

4) How does your work space influence your productivity? I like to work in a light, bright space. I work at my kitchen table which is filled with natural light and huge windows + my entire kitchen is white. Working in a dark, cluttered space definitely does not work for me. Since I work in my kitchen I always clean my kitchen every night before bed to ensure that I wake up to a clean workspace with no clutter.

5) Tips on avoiding feeling stir crazy while working from home? Get outside every day! When it's not too hot out I'll do my workout in my backyard or a park. I also go for long stroller walks with my kids every afternoon. I take little breaks from my work every few hours and always come back feeling refreshed. I also try to communicate with people via Zoom instead of email so I feel like I'm being social. Taking a shower and getting dressed each morning is also important! The shower wakes me up and even if I'm just going from pajamas to loungewear, it's still important to change out of my pajamas!