Good sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures; but, why is it so hard to get consistent restful nights of sleep? Being that it’s National Relaxation Day and we love finding new ways to relax (especially before bed) we thought it would only be fitting to provide you with 5 easy steps to an amazing night’s sleep.

Wind down slowly

So often in our busy lives we pack in every hour of the day with activities, leaving us with very little time to transition our bodies and mind from day to night. Carve out 30 minutes before bed for your nightly routine. Whether that’s a nightly facial or a restorative bath, this will allow your body to relax for sleep.

Stop eating 2 hours before bed

While a late night snack can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day at times, your body won’t appreciate the extra food right before bed. Your body naturally starts producing melatonin in preparation for sleep. But, when you eat too closely to bedtime, your body has to spend more energy digesting rather than detoxing and repairing. If you find yourself very hungry at night, a small bowl of Purely Elizabeth oatmeal is the perfect option. The warm oats will nourish and calm you before bed.

Keep the screens out of the bed

As tempting as it is to grab your laptop and turn on your favorite show or catch up on what you missed on Instagram that day, try your best to keep screens outside of the bedroom. Instead, find a space elsewhere to catch up on Netflix and social media and leave the bedroom for sleeping and reading.


Give your body the care it deserves with a few simple stretches. Loosening up your body before bed will take pressure off pain points from the daily wear and tear. Pair it with some deep breathing and you will be falling asleep in no time.

Create a Cave

In general, the suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit for optimal sleep. When lying in bed and trying to fall asleep, your body’s temperature decreases to trigger sleep. Create a cool, dark and quiet space for optimal sleep.

We hope these 5 steps help you work towards more relaxation and a healthy sleep routine that will lead to positive benefits in the rest of your life!

Happy Sleeping!