A lot of you guys may be super familiar with Purely Elizabeth. However, a lot has changed over the past seven years from packaging, to new products, to discontinued products that you may not know about.

So follow along with us as we take a trip down memory lane for the ultimate #transformationtuesday.

Original Muffin Mix | purely elizabeth #eatpurely

Elizabeth’s very first Microsoft Word – created packaging drafts!

Purely Muffins | purely elizabeth #eatpurely

Our muffin and pancake mix making their debut at a Westchester Triathlon.

Cookie Mix | purely elizabeth #eatpurely


Granola Boxes | purely elizabeth #eatpurely

Our baking mixes hit store shelves.

Granola Boxes | purely elizabeth #eatpurely

We launch our beloved granola! The first granola was packaged in boxes.

Ancient Grain Granola Expo | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #glutenfree

Our granola gets a revamp and we make the switch to resealable pouches.

Individual Package Granola | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #ancientgrains #glutenfree

Our adorable granola 2 oz mini bags hit the scene.

All Four Oatmeal Bags | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #oatmeal

Purely makes oatmeal!

Ancient Grain Oatmeal | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #oatmeal

We almost put our oatmeal in canisters! But instead we went with the cute pouches below…

Oatmeal | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #ancientgrains

Oatmeal on oatmeal on oatmeal!

Muesli | purely elizabeth #ancientgrains #eatpurely

We launched a line of Ancient Grain Muesli.

Ancient Grain + Puff Cereal | purelyelizabeth #eatpurely #ancientgrains

And a Granola + Puffs Cereal — our award-winning granola + unsweetened millet puffs.


And then we put our Muesli in pouches!

Oatmeal Cups | purely elizabeth #ancientgrains #glutenfree

We came out with single serve cups! Our Ancient Grain Oatmeal in an on-the-go cup.


And our Granola + Puffs Cereal in single serves…


This spring we launched the first Probiotic Granola AND a Grain-Free Granola.
Granola | purely elizabeth #ancientgrains #glutenfree The gang’s all here. Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past!