Some days you just may find yourself in a less-than-positive mood. Maybe something happened at home or on the drive to work or maybe you just feel a little sluggish.

Here are my top tips to boost your mood – instantly!

1) Inhale a calming scent

Whether it’s a candle or an essential oil, keep your favorite scents close by for a whiff when you need. I personally like to dab some lavender on my wrists for when I need a moment of serenity.

2) Open your shades

Let some light in! Even if you can’t step out for a walk, try to get some natural sunlight or Vitamin D to increase your alertness and productivity.

3) Flip through old photos

You might not have your childhood photo albums with you at all times, but even scrolling through your favorite vacation on your phone or your favorite memories from facebook is guaranteed to give you a smile.

4) Play with a furry friend

Whether it’s your own, a neighbor’s, a coworker’s, or a trip to the local dog park, petting a dog (or a cat) for just 15 minutes is proven to release the feel-good hormone of serotonin. Plus they are adorable, so make sure to add some pics to your photo stream to repeat tip #3

5) Turn on the tunes

Play your favorite feel good songs or choose from one of the hundreds of options on Spotify to curate a playlist for you! Even better – try to schedule a dance break into the mix. I am a huge fan of listening to Beyoncé in my office to instantly boost my mood and work flow.

6) Snack smart

Feeling hangry is a real thing and impacts your mood. Snack on some nuts i.e. walnuts, which are high in omega-3s and healthy fats to stabilize your blood sugar, keeping you full and focused. Or grab some Purely Elizabeth Granola! I love snacking on the Grain-Free Granola clusters which are FULL of healthy nuts + seeds.

7) Do something good

Smile at a stranger. Carry someone’s groceries. Schedule time to volunteer for a cause that is special to you. Researchers believe that volunteering boosts happiness because it increases empathy – making you appreciate all the good things in your own life. Now that’s #gratitude.