2018 was a powerful year, and wellness was at the forefront of the conversation. From CBD in what feels like everything to overhearing new ways to incorporate collagen into one’s diet, wellness and food have transformed into one unifying force. Having the opportunity to travel to different places, explore new ingredients and foods and seek out the latest in wellness trends makes me so excited for 2019. This is going to be a big year, and I cannot wait for Purely Elizabeth to help you thrive on your wellness journey. Here are my five wellness predictions for 2019…

Gut health is by no means, new news, but it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the health and wellness world, particularly when it comes to food. Collagen, an exciting trend of 2018, continues to grow in popularity and there’s no doubt this powerful protein will stick around. While the use of probiotics remain as the most well-known way to improve gut health, prebiotics are getting some necessary attention. Prebiotics may be just as important as Probiotics because they feed our friendly flora and aid the helpful bacteria in the gut to improve overall health. We should be seeing even more open conversations around the promotion of a healthy gut through education, food innovation and wellness practices.

It’s never been easier to fit in your daily dose of wellness with new companies popping up all around the US who are transforming the healing experience. Wthn creates an ultra-modern healing oasis where you can personalize your acupuncture experience. Clean Market in NYC mixes the convenience of a market with forward-thinking approaches. Book an appointment for an infrared sauna experience, IV Drip session, or walk the aisles of their market for the latest in wellness. Lastly, Squeeze, opening in early 2019, is making the massage experience seamless with easy booking abilities and customized experiences. Long gone are the days of booking appointments months in advance, and fitting in time for meditation or a quick yoga class will become even more accessible this year.

Like gut health, brain health will be an important topic for 2019. Late night screen time mixed with less than optimal sleep affects our brain health which negatively affects our overall well-being. We know that nutrition is one of the biggest factors in better brain health, and we are starting to see doctors, wellness experts and nutritionists come together to emphasize the importance of diet when it comes to our most precious organ. Dr. Will Cole, functional medicinal practitioner and author of Ketotarian, is a strong proponent of intermittent fasting for it’s positive effects on the brain and metabolism. Intermittent fasting and the keto diet are trending for a reason, and we will be hearing even more about these wellness practices this year.

Hemp oil has taken over the wellness world and for good reason. People are looking for natural ways to handle stress and CBD is becoming the go-to fix. The Hemp Business Journal estimates the that the U.S. Hemp industry will grow to a $1.9 billion dollar market by 2022. From CBD in lattes to ice cream to trendy cocktails, hemp oil will continue to make its way into mainstream food and drink. Speaking of mainstream, expect to see more adaptogens and discussion around Ayurveda medicine in 2019. Popular adaptogens, Reishi and Ashwagandha, are popping up in beauty and food products because of their powerful health benefits. Superfoods will become even easier to consume this year and I cannot wait to see how this trend continues to grow (P.S. have you checked out our Superfood Granola with adaptogens?!)

Make 2019 the year for your body and mind and don’t let others tell you otherwise. Self-care is a critical piece of wellness and this year is about tapping into yourself to listen to what your body needs. When you focus on yourself, you are more present in your relationships, work and your overall life. Companies like Peloton and Mirror.co are steering this trend through at home workouts that bring expert trainers and classes right into your living room. With a more introspective focus on wellness in 2019, prepare for new ways to maximize your sleep schedule and exercise in the comfort of your home.

Get ready for an exciting year of wellness ahead and many amazing announcements to come from Purely Elizabeth.

I hope you join me for the ride and lean into Purely Elizabeth to help you thrive on your wellness journey.

xx Elizabeth

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