If you don't know where to start on your wellness journey, understanding how to practice self-love can be a great way to begin. That's why I put together this checklist to help you master the art of self-love! 

1. Keep a list or journal about yourself

Start out by making your own list or journal about the things you love about yourself. It's okay to start out with just a few things. This can and should be an ongoing practice. Take time throughout your day to reflect on what you've accomplished, how you handled situations, something you did that made you felt good or anything new that comes to mind that is worth commending! 

2. Practice a daily self-love routine

Remember to take time for yourself whenever your schedule allows for 15 minutes or more each day. During this time it is important to be present and mindful. This means no screen time! Do something that is purely beneficial for you alone. This could be taking an extra long shower where you unwind and shut your mind off. Try not to let it wonder and think about all the things you need to do or what challenges you are battling. This should be a peaceful and relaxing time. If long showers aren't your thing, try taking this time to practice your skincare regimen or even meditate. 

3. Do something you are good at

A great way to practice self-love is by doing something you feel you are good at! It's important to recognize your strengths and do what makes you happy. This doesn't mean something you think is good for you that you should do, or doing something that you feel you are best at above all. It is truly taking the time to understand what you enjoy and feel great doing. If you wouldn't say you are the best cook, but you have a signature dish that always turns out great then cook that! If you love to run then run. If DIY projects fuel your creativity then that's what you should do. If attending an hour long yoga session is more your speed then go! There are endless possibilities. You just have to listen to yourself and take time to do what you love.  

4. Own your feelings

This is a big one. There is so much noise in the world telling us how we should feel or the appropriate way to respond to life events. We don't have identical lives, so we aren't going to have the same experiences. Own your feelings and don't run away from your emotions. Listen to your body and stop trying to control how it is telling you to feel. It's okay to not wear your happy face 100% of the time. You'll feel more connected when you listen and take time to learn why you are feeling what you are feeling in that moment. 

5. Find something to be grateful for

Even on your worst days, there is always something to be grateful for. This can be as simple as laughter or as big as having another day to live and do what you love or work towards your goals.

6. Set boundaries

It's okay to say no sometimes. Everyone is guilty of going out of their way to make others happy. This is a redeeming quality to have and one that is constantly praised by others while being labeled as selfless. Being selfless all the time can heavily impact what you have left to dedicate to yourself. If you find that you're burnt out at the end of the day, week or even month you may be giving too much of yourself. Finding balance is easier said than done—believe me, I get it. If your social calendar couldn't possibly get any busier, or a large amount of time is being spent taking care of someone else then it's time to start saying no. There is no shame in staying in or wanting alone time because it is necessary for self-preservation. How can you love yourself if you have nothing left to give?