There's a new pancake mix in the baking and breakfast aisle. Introducing Purely Pancakes, three new pancake & waffle mixes that have no added sugar! 

Our latest innovation was created with you in mind! We made something for everyone. One for the grain-free protein + collagen connoisseur, the grain-free paleo pro, and the ancient grain guru. All of our mixes are made with superfoods and alternative flours including almond, coconut, tigernut and buckwheat flour, along with hemp seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds for superior quality and nutrition for an indulgent, yet guilt-free breakfast. 

Before you head over to our products page to grab your pancake mix, we did a quick roundup of our favorite parts about each to help make your decision easier (or, you can just buy all three because we know you will love them just as much as we do!). 

Ancient Grain Pancake Mix

Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Pancake Mix

+ 7 grams of protein

+ No added sugar

+ Certified Gluten-Free + Non-GMO

+ Made with 5 grains + seeds for a one-of-a-kind texture

+ A pancake mix superior in quality and nutrition

Grain-Free Protein + Collagen Pancake Mix

Purely Elizabeth Grain Free Protein Pancake Mix

+ 11 grams of protein

+ Grain-Free

+ No added sugar

+ Certified Gluten-Free

+ First ever grain-free collagen pancakes to help boost collagen intake in a quick and delicious way

+ Sourced from grass-fed collagen

Grain-Free Pancake Mix

Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Pancake Mix

+ 6 grams of protein

+ No added sugar

+ Certified Gluten-Free + Non-GMO

+ A grain-free + paleo-friendly