What I'm Loving | June 2021  

Elizabeth's Favorites

Happy June! To me, June signals the official start of summer, and I'm here for it. So excited to share the things I've been recently loving with you all— enjoy! 

Here are my faves for June 2021: 

Supplements | Nordic Naturals Omega 3s
One of my daily supplements for optimal health is the Nordic Naturals Omega 3's. Nordic is known for the best quality fish supplement on the market, and the benefits are incredibly important for all of us. Omega 3's help to calm inflammation in the mind and body, the precursor to most problems in the body. A couple of specific benefits include helping to fight anxiety and depression, promoting brain health during pregnancy, improving risk factors for heart disease, and so much more.
Wearing | Whoop
I recently had Jason and Colleen Wachob, founders of mindbodygreen, on the Live Purely Podcast , and we discussed all things personal wearables. They convinced me to get a Whoop (side note— I also got the Oura ring, but returned it because it was way too big for my small hands!). I'm totally obsessed with this device that tracks your sleep, recovery, and strain, plus provides analytics to understand how you are performing and how you can feel better.

Eating | Vegan Cooking and Baking with Nuts
One of my favorite tips for vegan cooking and baking is to always have some soaked nuts on hand in the freezer— cashews in particular. I soak my raw cashews in water for 4 hours, rinse them, and then place them in zip loc bags in the freezer so can be ready for use in a pinch. They are perfect to make instant nut milk, creamy sauces, or delicious vegan frosting.

Listening | The Skinny Confidential 
Most of the podcasts I typically listen to are centered on wellness, so this episode from The Skinny Confidential was such a fun change of pace. If you haven't seen Molly's Game, you absolutely should. But hearing Molly's personal story on how she ran the biggest underground Hollywood celebrity poker ring was absolutely fascinating.

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