Aishwarya Iyer of Brightland on Elevating the Olive Oil Industry and Looking To The Past for Inspiration

It’s a tasty episode this week as Elizabeth welcomes Aishwarya Iyer, Founder & CEO of Brightland, a modern pantry brand creating artisanal olive oils, vinegars, and honey from family run farms. Aishwarya talks about her love of food from a young age, and how her ancestors each paved their own way in the food and farming space. She shines a light on many of the current problems in olive oil production today, and why she saw a need to change the industry with Brightland. She and Elizabeth chat about the importance of working through fear, challenging your inner critic, and the benefits of having some “phone away” days. Aishwarya also shares what’s next for Brightland and some of her favorite ways to use their tasty olive oil including salads, ice cream, and of course, granola.


In this world where everything just feels more scarce, really try to approach everything from a place of abundance, because it feels like that's the only way to live. -Aishwarya Iyer

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