Why This Top Celebrity Facialist and Skin Care Guru Doesn’t Wash Her Face In The Morning

Get your rose quartz roller ready this week for a great conversation with celebrity facialist and top skincare guru, Angela Caglia. Angela shares the journey from taking fruits from her grandfather’s farm to concocting her first face mask, traveling to Paris, and getting inspiration from the time-honored European principles in skincare to landing in Los Angeles with famous clients and professional accolades from Goop and Women’s Wear Daily. She talks about how Barbra Streisand gave her the courage to go after her dreams, a few of her own favorite beauty tips and tools from her own skincare line, the importance of aligning yourself with a good support system, and her own beauty morning and evening routines.

I recommend to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, meet up with entrepreneurs. Do the groups, find them, and they will help lift you up to believe in yourself. -Angela Caglia

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