Changing The Luxury Skin Care Brand From the Inside Out: April Gargiulo of Vintner's Daughter

Elizabeth welcomes April Gargiulo, founder of the category changing and award winning skin care brand Vintner’s Daughter. April shares how her family’s legacy of winemaking in Napa Valley helped shape a vision of creating a luxury skin care brand that was pure, uniquely powerful, and felt like a gift from nature. She talks about the intention behind the top of the line choice ingredients in both the Active Treatment Essence and Botanical Serum, how she built a brand from the ground up with no marketing, and how she stayed disciplined and aligned with her values even during obstacles and challenges. April mentions some fun “pinch me” moments where she knew her brand was a hit, and how Vintner’s Daughter simplifies and disrupts skin care as we know it.

My definition of luxury is if you don’t cut corners. - April Gargiulo

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