Respecting Your Time, Launching The Honey Pot, and Enjoying the Journey

Beatrice Dixon, Founder of The Honey Pot Company, is quite literally an example of what it means to listen to your dreams. One night, her late grandmother showed up in a dream with the solution to solving her own ongoing battle with bacterial vaginosis. Beatrice listened, and found a formula that would later become a foundation for The Honey Pot Company, which now boasts 90 products and has major retail partners such as Target, Walmart, and Kroger’s. Check out their weekly ads. Beatrice shares some of the biggest lessons she’s learned from selling her products out of her car, including learning to enjoy the process and not rush your success. Now, The Honey Pot Company is working to be the most scientifically clinically tested brand on the market for feminine care.

I learned how important it is to take care of yourself and your mind. When you’re not well, it’s really hard to do your business. -Beatrice Dixon

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