The Pioneer of Kombucha on Living With Purpose and The Power of Healing Food

When he’s not busy running the #1 Best Selling Kombucha brand, GT Dave, CEO of GT Foods, is a steward of nature, pioneer of innovation, and CEO dedicated to helping others live a happier and healthier life. This week, GT Dave joins Elizabeth to discuss how he created the kombucha category starting at age 15 out of a mission born from his mother’s cancer diagnosis, and insight that we should live every day with purpose and intention. Over 25 years later, GT’s keeps their raw and pure purpose despite being a household brand name and front and center in stores across the country. He and Elizabeth talk about the importance of sleep, why routines are cool, and what’s next for the GT brand, including their powerfully potent Alive Ancient Mushroom Elixir.

When you are a founder driven brand, you don’t have to reach too far to articulate who you are, because it comes from within. - GT Dave

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