The OG Glow Queen on the Beauty Industry, Seaweed, and Dark Chocolate: Jenefer Palmer of OSEA

The women of OSEA skincare come from a long line of women that were intuitive, strong, and unafraid to set trends way ahead of their time. This week, Elizabeth is joined by Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA, also known as the grandmother of clean beauty or the “OG Glow Queen”. Jenefer shares the early beginnings of learning about clean beauty and the healing power of the sea starting with her grandmother Elsa, and what it is like now to be a leader in setting a standard for clean ingredients and trustworthy products. She gives tips on working with family, explains how OSEA stays consistent with the highest level of sourcing their material and lets us in on a few secret tips for glowing from the inside out.

Any good story starts with your grandmother, and that’s where the story of OSEA began. -Jenefer Palmer

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