Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s: The Sweet Side of Entrepreneurship and Creating a Clean, Delicious Cookie

A delicious cookie, made of no junk and only clean ingredients? It seems like a dream, but Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s has made it a reality. This week, Elizabeth talks with the baked goods company’s CEO about how a cancer diagnosis when she was 20 led her to have a new outlook on the connection between food and health, and how she took her culinary skill and baked it into becoming a top entrepreneur and huge player in the space. Loren talks about the luck and preparation that led her to securing a spot in Whole Foods, building the company’s dream team, and the importance of keeping your word. At the end, Loren plays a rapid fire Q&A where she gives all her tips for energy and wellness including a different kind of coffee and date nights with her partner.

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Bodies are really precious, health is everything. There are a lot of things outside of our control, there are a lot of things that we can control. -Loren Brill

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