Marc Washington of Supergut: Gut Balance, Resistant Starches, and Products with Real Clinically Backed Results

It’s all about a healthy gut biome this week as Elizabeth welcomes Marc Washington, Founder and CEO of Supergut, a brand offering clinically validated and rigorously tested shakes and bars that support gut health and overall well being. Marc first talks about his unique entrepreneurial experience where he witnessed his sister’s health struggles, and he knew people needed a proactive approach to use the power of food as medicine to health the body. Marc and Elizabeth talk about why it’s so important to feed our gut prebiotic fiber, the role gut health places in every aspect of our health, and what resistant starch is and why it’s so crucial to our overall well being. Marc gives wellness advice on finding true balance in your life, and how we all go further when we work together.


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To me it's the ultimate high when you are able through your support and your products and your services to help others live more healthily. -Marc Washington

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