Primal Kitchen, Pivoting in Business and Achieving Metabolic Flexibility with Mark Sisson

Whether you know him as a pioneer in the wellness blogging space, a New York Times bestselling author of Primal Blueprint or Keto For Life, or the co-founder of Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson is dedicated to empowering people to make healthy choices that benefit both the planet and their body. This week, he joins Elizabeth to share his journey as an endurance athlete and how he went through trial and error to find what type of foods worked best for his body. Mark also discusses why eating less can help us achieve metabolic flexibility, how Primal Kitchen is offering one-of-a-kind condiments and sauces to help bring clean eating to the mainstream, and why he may not attend your party if it starts at midnight.

Finding this niche was a matter of being open to possibilities. -Mark Sisson

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