Nick Green of Thrive Market: Sustainability, Accessible Organic Products, and Forecasting Food Trends

Nick Green, CEO and Co-Founder of Thrive Market joins Elizabeth this week for a talk about making healthy living easier and accessible to everyone. Nick first talks about his journey to launching Thrive Market in 2014, and how he saw a need for a membership based online platform that both offered the world’s best natural and organic products at an affordable price, and also gave back to those in need. Nick discusses Thrive’s commitment to be a leader in regenerative agriculture and carbon neutral shipping, his own personal wellness non-negotiables, and what makes Thrive a unique shopping and delivery experience to its members. Nick also gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at what’s in his own Thrive shopping cart.


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We believe that healthy, sustainable living should be affordable, should be accessible, and it should just be available to everybody. -Nick Green

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