Nona Evans of Whole Kids Foundation: Improving Nutrition and Access to Healthy Food for Tomorrow’s Leaders

This week, Elizabeth is thrilled to bring on Nona Evans, President and Director for Whole Kids Foundation, a Whole Foods Market non-profit that focuses on improving children’s nutrition and access to healthy food. Elizabeth talks about Purely Elizabeth’s experience supporting the Whole Kids Foundation for the past few years, and how powerful it is to see important features such as school gardens and salad bar programs directly make an impact on children and schools. Nona talks about how she found her way to Whole Foods and continues to be dedicated there after 21 years, why school nutrition is so important, and she shares some great tips for parents to try and get their kids to eat healthier at home…even the picky ones! Nona touches upon Whole Kids’s spirit of collaboration, and how we can change the systems for deep and lasting change when it comes to healthy choices and accessibility.


Probably the lesson that I hold most dear in my heart today is the idea that if we are truly going to make lasting change, we have to start with the ideas and the solutions that are born in the community we want to work in. -Nona Evans

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