How This PR Mogul Balances Being a CEO, Mama of Four, and Evolving the Cannabis Industry

Elizabeth welcomes her college bestie, Rosie Mattio, who also just happens to be a trailblazer and CEO of the biggest PR agency in the country. Rosie shares her journey of working in New York’s biggest PR firms and deciding to branch out on her own to open Mattio Communications, with a focus on the cannabis industry. Rosie opens up about the biggest stigmas surrounding working in cannabis that she faced early on, what’s changed, and what limitations she still faces when marketing the plant. Rosie talks about balancing her time as a mother of four, her partner, and as a very busy boss who has a never-ending stream of e-mails. She touts the importance of taking care of her health as the main ingredient to her success and gives advice for those looking to grow, but who may have fear around not knowing the outcome or next steps. Rosie is a force of nature, get ready to learn, laugh, and have a great time!

Motivation doesn’t last, so you have to set up a process and your non-negotiables. -Rosie Mattio

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