Vanessa Rissetto of Culina Health: Balancing Blood Sugar, The Truth About Intuitive Eating, and Busting Diet Myths

It’s a great episode with Registered DIetitian and Culina Health Co-Founder Vanessa Rissetto, chock full of facts and scientifically backed nutrition information on how we can manage our weight and build a better relationship with food. Vanessa and Elizabeth first talk about how we can build in more nutrition information in education and help our children view what they eat in a pragmatic way. Then, Vanessa explains why diets don’t work, and why intuitive eating isn’t always the answer. Vanessa breaks down the science to explain the importance of stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, and why so many of us struggle with emotional eating. She talks about fiber and protein intake and the power of keeping things simple. At the end of the episode, she tells us what’s in her shopping cart, her dedication to daily movement, and why you won’t see her turning down a handful of Doritos.


Literally 10 out of 10 times, people just don’t eat enough food because they are so warped on what they should be doing. -Vanessa Rissetto

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