Chocolate "Magic Shell" Granola and Caramel Nice Cream 

vegan  // gluten-free

Who remembers chocolate magic shells?! So excited that they are making a come back with healthier ingredients. @alicepages made the most mouthwatering version using our Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ancient Grain Granola.

Vanilla Nice Cream
2 bananas, frozen
2 tbsp plant-based milk (like almond, soy, coconut, cashew …) 1/2 vanilla bean or 1/4 tsp vanilla powder

Caramel Sauce
1 tbsp natural smooth peanut butter (20 g) (or substitute with any nut butter of your choice, like almond, cashew, tahini or sunflower seed for a nut-free option)
1 tbsp maple syrup (20 g)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch of flaky sea salt

Magic Chocolate Shell 
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted (20 g) 1 tbsp cocoa powder (15 g)
1 tbsp maple syrup (20 g)

2 handfuls of Purely Elizabeth Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ancient Grain Granola


1. Prepare the nice cream. The day before, slice the bananas into large chunks and place in the freezer overnight or at least 8 hours until they are completely frozen. Add frozen bananas and plant-based milk to a blender and blend until smooth and no chunks remain. Depending on the power of your blender, you might need to add a little more milk to make the process easier. Scrap the vanilla bean and add the seeds to the nice cream. Blend to combine. Transfer the nice cream to a container and store in freezer while you prepare the other elements.

2. Prepare the caramel sauce. Stir peanut butter together with maple syrup, vanilla extract and flaky sea salt into a bowl until smooth and creamy. Set aside.

3. Make the magic chocolate shell sauce. Melt the coconut oil in a bowl. Add cocoa powder and maple syrup and stir to combine, until you get a smooth and runny sauce.

4. Remove the nice cream from freezer. Grab a medium serving bowl and arrange a handful of Purely Elizabeth Vanilla Chocolate chip Granola on the bottom. Pour the nice cream on top and smooth the surface using the back of a spoon. Drizzle the caramel sauce. Then pour the chocolate sauce on top to cover completely the nice cream and immediately sprinkle more granola. Wait a few seconds for the chocolate sauce to harden before enjoying!

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