Why Meditation? 
When I first started practicing yoga it was definitely through the physical mindset. I was amazed at what the body was capable of and would push myself to its limits. I did discover more about myself through this practice but I needed to dig deeper in order to release some of my traumas. When I started meditating it found it very difficult, I hated sitting there in silence in my own muck. As feelings would come to the surface I did not know what to do with them. But eventually I would learn to be gentle with myself, to give myself space to open up.

Meditation is a form of self care, where you keep yourself the love and space you need to reflect, relax, breathe, let go of stagnant energy and open yourself up to positivity. Meditation helps to balance out your mind, aligning your thoughts and state of being. Allowing you to show up as your best self each day.

Meditation has changed my life. I even started incorporating sound. The vibrations of the sound wash over your body cleansing you of negative energy. I find that the sounds help to distract me from all the chaos in my day to day life.

Popular Types of Meditation 
  • Breathwork- a meditation the incorporates breathing in a systematic way to reduce stress
  • Sound Bath- a meditation using different instruments that create calming sounds to guide you into relaxed state
  • Guided Meditation- the instructor gently guides you through spoken words that create a space in your mind of peace

Resources for Beginners 
If you are just starting out on your meditation journey, I have a handful of amazing accounts to follow. Check out their instagram pages and websites for meditation in many different styles.