My Favorite Workouts for Body and Mind

My Favorite Workouts for Body and Mind

With the start of summer and the launch of our new 5 Grain + Seed Instant Oatmeal Packets made with plant-based protein, I'm feeling like it's time to revamp my workout regimen! 

Here are my favorite ways to break a sweat:

Cycle  |  Some of my favorite rides are Alex Touissant; I love his hip hop classes to get me motivated in the morning.

Bootcamp  |  Jess Sims has the hardest/best bike bootcamp classes. When I'm wanting a super tough workout, this is my go-to.

Body Weight Strength  |  I love all the strength training classes, but the bodyweight ones are great when I'm in a hotel room and have no weights. 20 minutes later, and I'm feeling great!

Boxing  |  I love changing it up with a boxing class. These are so fun and different to challenge different muscle groups— great for overall fitness, core, and focus.

Cardio + Strength  |  This is a super fun HIIT style workout that changes each time, so it's never boring! 

Sculpt Society
When I'm looking to do something lower impact, but still super challenging, I love Megan Roup's Sculpt Society classes using my Bala ankle weights. I also travel with the weights to do these workouts in my hotel room.

CorePower Yoga
My favorite yoga classes are at CorePower— love the hot, sweaty room and the feel-good vibes.


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