Purely Office Pantry Makeover
with UnClutterCO


Our Purely HQ in Boulder, Colorado is full of Purely products, recipe + development ingredients, cooking tools, snacks... the list goes on! With the office closed through the majority of the pandemic, it's safe to say that our pantry got a little disorganized and chaotic. Enter: Anna Cohen of UnClutterCO, a professional organizing service based out of Boulder, CO. With a goal of helping busy people reclaim their time and focus energy on what matters most, Anna tackles projects big and small by
creating functional, beautifully organized spaces. In our case, it's safe to say she succeeded with flying colors- we love our new Purely pantry! 





Read on for details on Anna's organization process...

How long did the entire project take?
In total the project took me about 12 hours. This included a day in the office working Caroline (R&D + Culinary Manager) to sort through the items, determine categories that made sense for how she works and experiments with the food, and to understand the layout of the space. I spent one day shopping for product (a bit of a challenge right now for any job- organizing is trending and the Container Store is low in stock!). The last phase is install day which took about another 5 hours. This is when you get to see the final result! Product gets placed, labels get created, and you see the total transformation! It's magic :)

What do you think was the most important component of the project? 
First and most importantly in any organizing project is to purge. Once we established that everything in the pantry was there to stay, I began to space plan and shop for the right products (all the pretty bins). Product is key because it helps systems stay in place and keep you organized. We moved some furniture around from another office, which was much better suited for the space. My goal for all my clients is to pare down to only the things you truly use, need or love.

Here are the products Anna used during the project: 
Large White Chancellor Bins
Deep Sweater Bins with Drawers and Dividers
Plastic Shoe Boxes
Medium Plastic Stacking Bin
Label Maker

Anna Cohen is an east Coast transplant who has been in Colorado for 8 years. She comes from a background in event marketing and hospitality, but has always had a knack for implementing systems and home improvement. She loves people, processes and, of course, organizing, so she started UnClutterCO!

UnClutterCO is a professional organizing business based in Boulder, CO. We help busy women and families reclaim time so they can focus their energy on what matters most. UnClutterCO’s mission is to help simplify your life by creating functional, beautifully organized spaces in your home. This year has introduced all of us to a slew of new challenges like virtual learning, working from home and using our kitchens more than ever before. Day to day life is overwhelming without a pandemic! Whether you need help making sense of a master closet or a tiny kitchen, we will help you sort through your items, strategize and shop for the space. UnClutterCO saves you time and money through organizational systems so you can spend less time looking for things and more time living your life.

Instagram: @unclutterco
acebook: @unclutterco

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