Purely Team Reviews:
Trader Joe's Holiday Products

Trader Joe's Holiday Items

After last year's team review of Trader Joe's pumpkin products, we figured we'd switch it up this year & get a little festive with Trader Joe's holiday items. Read on to hear our Marketing Team's opinions on some TJ holiday faves!  

Dark Chocolate Orange

Descriptor: Dark chocolate orange slices with a mild citrus taste
Review: This is a classic for me! The smooth dark chocolate and flavorful orange is a perfectly-balanced combo of indulgent and bright. 
-Maddy, Social Media Manager

Cranberry Chèvre

Descriptor: Fresh Goat Cheese with Sweet Dried Cranberries
Review: Loved this! The mild, but tart goat cheese was perfectly balanced with the sweet cranberries. Best served on a multi-grain or simple cracker to not overpower the delicious chèvre! Plus, this is a great option for someone still getting used to goat cheese - like me :)
-Kiley, Associate Digital Marketing Manager

Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds 

Descriptor: Roasted Almonds dipped in dark chocolate, then enrobed in white chocolate and covered with candy cane bits.
Review: YUM! Ironically enough I'm not a huge white chocolate or peppermint person, but these are so good! The almonds add the perfect crunch and the peppermint makes it feel festive during the holiday season. 
-Lily, Marketing Communications Director 

Mini Peppermint Meringues

Descriptor: Mini meringues with little chunks of candy cane 
Review: These were an unexpected winner— crunchy and light with the perfect amount of sweetness and peppermint! Highly recommend. 
-Maddy, Social Media Manager 

Gluten-Free Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

Descriptor: Gluten-Free Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies with Real Candy Cane Pieces in Every Bite
Review: If you’re craving an easy snack cookie - this will work, but it’s not my favorite. The peppermint is a little underwhelming, and if you’re not gluten-free, I might splurge for the real thing. 
-Kiley, Associate Digital Marketing Manager

Chocolate Covered Lebkuchen Cookies

Descriptor: Soft gingerbread with nuts & spices
Review: If I'm eating a cookie for dessert, I like mine crunchy so I'm not a huge fan of Lebkuchen cookies. 
-Lily, Marketing Communications Director 

Belgian Cookie Collection

Descriptor: A red tin filled with 12 varieties of Belgian cookies
Review: SO many cookies. It comes in a cute red tin with 12 varieties and 8 cookies per variety for $10!!! So much for your money and a great array of cookies. For taste I would say 8/10. There were a few cookies that fell flat but overall very impressed and think it would make a great holiday gift. 
-Caroline, Creative Director

Vegan Ginger Loaf

Descriptor: A fluffy loaf of ginger bread
Review: Super ginger forward! Got a little dry after a day or two of opening so just eat it quick. I think it would be really good warmed up with some vanilla ice cream. I didn't have any ice cream so this is just a theory.
-Dave Ritt, Creative Design Manager

Trader Giotto's Panettone Traditional Italian Cake

Descriptor: A sweet bread/cake hybrid. Sold in large and mini
Review: I don't think I’ve ever actually tried a panettone so this was new to me! My first impression is that it’s pretty moist and has a doughy texture - kind of like a soft roll with chewy raisins mixed in. Upon my first bite, I thought I was going to like it because of the texture but then it had an aftertaste that reminded me of cough medicine. Unfortunately I was not a fan!
-Caroline, Creative Director

Dark Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

Descriptor: Traditional Joe-Joe cookies, dipped in dark chocolate coating and peppermint chunks
Review: These are incredibly good, I was super impressed. I just wish the boxes were bigger.
-Dave Ritt, Creative Design Manager

For more holiday content, download the 2020 Purely Holiday Magazine below:

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