Raising the Bar

One of the visions I had in my head when starting Purely Elizabeth is that we would always be innovative, including the trendiest ingredients in the tastiest ways. Food should be functional and taste good. It’s as simple as that.

When I began incorporating reishi into my diet and realizing it’s potent powers, I strived to think of a product that would be easy to eat no matter when or where I needed a superherb snack. Having had the idea (and popular request) for granola bars for many years now, it struck me that this was the golden (grainless) opportunity to do so.

So what makes our bars different?

1. Reishi – a medicinal mushroom popular in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s associated with various health benefits and has been recently flooding the wellness scene in terms of supplementary powders, drinking elixirs and more. Our bars contain reishi extract, a concentrated amount of reishi. Reishi is an adaptogenic herb that supports healthy immune function and aids the body’s response to stress.

2. Grain Free – becoming ultra popular in the rise of keto and paleo diets, our bars use only nuts and superfood seeds as the base. Free of grains, this provides more healthy fats and protein to keep you fuller, longer. It’s also suitable for a variety of lifestyles in hopes that everyone can enjoy and reap its benefits.

3. Elevated Ingredients – we use a blend of superfoods, nuts and seeds so that you’re getting the most nutrient-rich bang for your buck in every bite. Chia, hemp, pumpkin seeds, cashew butter and coconut oil — to name a few — form the base of our bars.

4. Low in Sugar – first off, we only use organic coconut sugar to sweeten this bar. While some protein and “healthy” bars are actually candy dupes for the amount of added sugars, our bars stand at a measly 6-7 grams per bar. And if you’re not familiar with coconut sugar, it’s a healthy alternative to table/refined sugar and wont spike your insulin for that all too familiar afternoon crash.

5. The Flavors – no matter if peanut butter or chocolate is your jam (or both am I right?) we have something for everyone! Available in chocolate sea salt, peanut butter, banana nut and coconut cashew, try them all in our sampler pack and pick your favorite!

I’m confident that Purely Elizabeth is raising the bar with this first-to-market product launch, and I am so excited to share the results with you!

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