Purely Elizabeth + Sambazon are joining forces to help you kick off your new year healthy, happy + purely.

In place of resolutions, this year we are focusing on setting intentions. These intentions are bigger than resolutions—they will help us mindfully choose how to spend each day and what to exert our mental energy on. These intentions will spark a light in us and help us illuminate the world! Some of the big ones for us are: slow down, tread lightly and express gratitude—just to name a few … We also have a few very specific, action oriented intentions.

Screen shot or print the intentions card below and share your intentions for 2017 with us! Make sure to tag us: @purely_elizabeth and include hashtag: #purelyintentions. We will be reposting intentions from our fans on our Instagram page all week.

One of our intentions is to Eat Purely, and today we want to share with you Elizabeth’s Eating Purely Principles which help us to live that intention out in our daily lives.


5 Foolproof Ways to Clean Up Your Diet: Elizabeth’s Eating Purely Principles

from Elizabeth’s cookbook, Eating Purely

  1. Eat Whole, Clean Foods
    Whole foods are whole, meaning those with their vitamins, nutrients, and fibers still intact. Whole foods are not processed in any way. It’s food in its purest form, the way Mother Nature intended.Examples of whole foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. When shopping for whole foods, make sure to look for the “cleaner” or organic option. Organic foods do not have added herbicides, pesticides, artificial additives, or other unknown fungicides and have not been genetically modified.By doing this you will feel increased energy and vitality and your body will be HAPPY because these whole, clean foods help it function optimally.
  2. Focus on Plants
    Plant-based foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. In particular, leafy greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and arugula rank high on this list. These leafy greens are high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc and have incredible healing properties that help you lose weight, gain energy, and feel FANTASTIC.We also recommend minimizing animal products from your diet. Why? Eliminating or minimizing animal products from your diet benefits both you health (think lowering risk for diseases like heart disease and cancer) and the environment. Did you know raising farm animals generates more global-warming greenhouse gases than transportation, generates deforestation, and damages our increasingly scare water sources. So just feel out what works best for you and your body! And remember it should always be in small quantities, not half of your plate and DEFINITELY organic.
  3. Kick Inflammatory Foods to the Curb
    Inflammation in the body is one of the top causes of disease, cellular breakdown, and weight gain. Who wants that?! To kick inflammation to the curb, decrease your consumption of inflammatory, high-stress foods including:
    -refined sugars
    -processed foods
    -wheat- any gluten-containing ingredients
    -bad oils/fats (such as hydrogenated oil, trans fats, oil high in omega-6s)
    -excess animal protein
  4. Add in Nutrient-Rich Ingredients
    Nutrient-rich ingredients include those foods high in antioxidants, omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals- all of the things that your body needs to function optimally. Including these nutrients in your diet helps you to feel great, have more energy, stay healthy, and even look amazing.-Omega-3s: fatty fish like salmon, grass-fed animal foods, walnuts, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.
    -Antioxidant-rich foods: berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries), greens (like kale, spinach, artichoke, and broccoli), legumes (black beans and kidney beans), nuts and grain (such as pecans, walnuts, quinoa, and oats).
  5. Practice the 80/20 Rule
    So, 80 percent of the time follow eating healthy principles and 20 percent of the time let loose (in moderation, of course). The 80/20 Rule allows you to not feel guilty for eating that slice of pizza on Saturday night. It frees you from the idea of perfection and allows you to just enjoy every moment of life, because that’s what it’s about, right?

For more details on our Eating Purely Principles and more tips + tricks, check out our Eating Purely Cookbook.