Wow, what a week. We have LOVED sharing our intentions for the New Year and hearing yours! It’s been so lovely and encouraging. Today we want to take a minute to highlight some of our friends’ intentions. You may know them for their GORGEOUS Instagrams, but today we want to focus on their gorgeous hearts.

Melissas Healthy Kitchen | purely elizabeth x sambazon


Melissa inspires us with some real good clean eats especially for an on-the-go lifestyle. She is always whipping up incredible things in that kitchen of hers and we love to stand by and watch.

Her Intentions:

  • Speak kindly to myself, lots of self love
  • Find the positive in every single day
  • Show up for myself and so more of what makes me happy
  • Love unconditionally
  • Motivate people to live a clean + healthy lifestyle


Balance With B | purely elizabeth x sambazon


Blair is a ray of sunshine and positivity, motivating us with some amazing food + yoga posts. We are also major fans of her blog where she highlights how to lead a healthy lifestyle that feels GOOD.

Her Intentions:

  • Not be so hard on myself
  • Trust my instincts
  • Have more patience
  • Make time for others
  • Stay true to myself
  • Always practice gratitude

(Instagram. Blog. Pinterest.)

Rachel Mansfield | purely elizabeth x sambazon


Rachel is a New York BABE, creating some gorgeous breakfast + dessert goods that make us drool. Find her recipes HERE, and learn how you can live the healthy SWEET life.

Her Intentions:

  • Stay positive
  • Listen to my gut
  • Spread kindness
  • Respect others + myself
  • Love my body
  • Embrace this amazing life

(Instagram. Blog. Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter.)

Jess Blackmun | purely elizabeth x sambazon


Jessica is our go-to-gal for yoga inspiration. She spreads so much love + light and embraces wellness in every area of life. Jaws definitely drop when we see her seriously impressive yoga poses.

Her Intentions:

  • Be the light I wish to see in the world
  • Embrace all of myself and all of my imperfections
  • Face my fears and find strength in my weaknesses
  • Treat myself (mind & body) like a temple
  • Stop holding back and just go for new adventures

Nutrition Happens | purely elizabeth x sambazon


May is as sweet and fun as her name! Super smart and dedicated to her education– currently getting her MBA AND RD Certification…what?! When we want to satisfy our inner Nutrition Nerd, we hit up her page + blog. She’s a gal you can trust.

Her Intentions:

  • Letting go of things that are not in my control

(Instagram. Blog. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest.)

Becks Lives Healthy | purely elizabeth x sambazon@becks_liveshealthy

Marathon-runner, nurse, and owner of the CUTEST pup. Becky is always killing the health and fitness game and encouraging us all to do the same. We love this California beach babe (and want her muscles).

Her intentions:

  • Be kinder to myself


So if you’re looking for ways to stay motivated through this year to KEEP your intentions, give these babes a follow. And don’t forget to write down YOUR intentions and keep them somewhere you can see.

XOXO Purely + Sambazon

Kiwi + Mango Almond Muesli Bowl | purely elizabeth #eatpurely #purelyintentions #newyear