Spring Cleaning: Microbiome Edition

Spring Cleaning: Gut-Friendly Favorites Edition

Spring Cleaning: Microbiome Edition

Your home isn't the only thing that needs a little reset this spring, your microbiome is craving some spring cleaning as well. Here are some of my gut-friendly favorites to refresh and reset my microbiome:

Seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic 
Mind Body Green probiotic +
These two are my go to for a daily probiotic. I like to switch between Seed and the MBG probiotic which offer the best strains of probiotics on the market to elevate your gut microbiome.

Seed Daily Synbiotic
MBG probiotic +

Cleveland Kitchen Classic Kimchi
One of my favorite fermented foods, kimchi, is full of probiotics. I love the Cleveland Kitchen varieties that don't include fish sauce and are NON-GMO project verified. Their fermented dressings are also delicious.

Cleveland Kitchen Kimchi

GT's Kombucha
I've been a fan of GT since he pioneered the kombucha category almost 20 years ago. He still uses the same scoby he did way back then. They have one of the highest quality products on the market. For all things GT, listen to this past episode of Live Purely.

GT's Kombucha

Probiotic Granola
Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola
We launched our Chocolate Sea Salt granola back in 2014, one of the first food products to come to market with probiotics. I knew at the time that gut health was the future of health and I couldn't wait to bring this new shelf stable probiotic to market in one of our most delicious flavor varieties, Chocolate Sea Salt, aka crack.  

Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola

Kroma Wellness 24K Chicken Bone Broth
Collagen Oats
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Most of us think collagen is just good for hair, skin and nails, but actually collagen is one of the best things to heal our gut lining from things like inflammation. I love to incorporate our collagen oats, add a scoop of Vital Proteins to my morning smoothie and enjoy weekly bone broth to help the microbiome.

Kroma Wellness Bone Broth
Collagen Oats
Vital Proteins

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