What I'm Loving | April 2021

Elizabeth's Favorites

Although the weather here in Boulder is typically pretty mild and temperate year-round, this warm spring weather is bringing me all the happy vibes. Hope the new season is bringing a spring to your step wherever you're based, Purely fam! 

Here are my faves for April 2021: 

Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Leggings
If you are in need of a new set of leggings, I've been loving the Alo Airlift style. The material is super sleek, and feels like they are super flattering. This lavender color is so perfect for that spring workout reboot. 

Alex Mill Jumpsuits
Using upcycled and recycled textiles in classic designs, the former Jcrew and Madewell Designer creates my new favorite spring jumpsuit, perfect for transitioning from work, home, or to work at the office. 

Pampering | TenOverTen
Most clean nail polish removers seems to take FOREVER to actually remove your polish, but this new find from TenOverTen, a local natural NYC salon, now has the answer we've been looking for....a clean polish remover that actually works, and fast. I absolutely love these biodegradable clothes that really do the trick, plus they are available at your local Target. 

Eating | Rolling Greens Plant-Based Ground Taco Pack
My good friends in Boulder, Lindsey and Ryan, just launched their plant-based taco pack. It tastes like the real thing, however it's made of simple whole plant-based ingredients like pea protein, pinto bean flakes, and delicious spices. Just add water and in 10 minutes your veggie tacos are ready. I love serving in a Siete tortilla that I crisp in the oven. 

Drinking | Pique Tea
My interest in tea has been reignited after reading Intuitive Fasting by Dr. Will Cole. The benefits are so incredible and wide range from immune support to helping support autophagy (the body's process for clearing out old and damaged tissues and cells). Here's a great guide to the variety of teas and their benefits.

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