What I'm Loving | January 2022

What I'm Loving for Jan 2022

Here are my faves for January 2022: 

GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum
I've been a big fan of the goop beauty products, but this hair oil may be my favorite yet. After just one use, my hair felt softer and shinier. Put a dropper full in your dry hair at night, or just before a morning workout, then wash out and have instantly smoother hair. Made with nourishing ingredients like Sea Buckhorn Oil. 

Goop Hair Oil

Kroma Beauty Matcha Latte
I recently completed the 5-day Kroma reset and absolutely loved the program. I felt energized, lighter, and inspired to incorporate more superfoods into my diet. The hero product that inspired founder, Lisa Odenweller, to start the program is their Beauty Matcha. It's hands down one of the most delicious matcha's I've had, loaded with antioxidants, gut healing polyphenols and other beneficial superfoods like collagen, mushrooms, goji, turmeric and maca.

Kroma Beauty Matcha Latte

Canopy Humidifier
Ever since moving to Colorado 7 years ago, I've been on the hunt for a good humidifier since it is SO dry here. But the few that I have tried, I end up getting grossed out after a several uses, because I feel like they could have mold. Enter Canopy, the anti-mold humidifier, that's easy to clean, has built in aroma diffusion, is great for keeping your skin hydrated, and preventing colds and flu.  

Canopy Humidifier

State Change by Robin Berzin MD
Robin Berzin MD, founder of Parsley Health, (one of the first in the telehealth, holistic health space) just released her first book State Change. I absolutely loved this book, which explains how mental health is rooted in physical health, why we need to focus on the biggest core actions that affect our mind and mood like nutrition, sleep, movement, drugs/alcohol and technology and the importance of diagnostic testing to help set the foundation to make us all feel our absolute best.

State Change

Superhuman Meditation App
I've been wanting to incorporate a meditation practice into my morning routine but the idea of the additional time felt daunting. So I started with just 5 minutes a day, working my way up to 10. I've been using the Superhuman app which has such a great variety of guided mediations, ranging from seated to walking and even cooking meditations. I love how calming and uplifting these are to start the day!

Superhuman Meditation App

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