Winter is in full swing! And for those of you who find it really hard to leave the house, these four workouts will keep you moving in the comfort of your own home.

p.volve – An at home workout method that allows you to tone up and shape muscles. Begin with a free trial and pick which areas of the body you want to focus on and even which days you prefer to workout. p.volve also offers an app, so you can take your workouts anywhere on-the-go!

Sweat With Kayla– Kayla Itsines “Train Your Way” 12 week workout guide is proven to be an effective workout. Kayla starts with lower level classes and ramps up to higher intensity workouts. With each training session under 30 mins, you will be noticing results after just the one week. 

Nike Training Club– For all the Nike fans out there! Download the Nike Training Club app, you won’t regret it. The hardest part of NTC is choosing from 185+ free workouts. NTC offers your favorite methods from strength to endurance workouts. Track your performance and set personal goals this winter.

Alo Moves– Find a relaxing room and try Alo Yoga classes. Alo offers a series of classes: Find your Flow: Vinyasa, Drill Down: Your Skills + Techniques, Get Loose: Flexibility and many more. Memberships are divided by duration, difficulty, and the ability to choose your favorite instructor. So depending on how you’re feeling that day, either challenge yourself or enjoy a 30 minute meditation session.

If exercising at your own pace is more your style, check out some of the basics and work on perfecting your form. Mountain climbers, planks, squats, push ups and sit ups are equally effective. Happy working out!

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