Our new favorite blended drink: Yes Way Rosé Summer Water, frozen strawberries + fresh lemon juice. Best part is — this drink is super customizable. As we were making it, we had all kinds of ideas for jazzing it up with some fresh mint or watermelon. Recipe below, enjoy!

Strawberry LemonFrosé 1 750 ml bottle rosé 8 oz frozen strawberries 2½ ounces fresh lemon juice St Germain (optional) simple syrup (optional) Freeze therosé overnight in a shallow pan. It won't fully freeze because of the alcohol, but should get to an icy consistency. Break the frozen rosé into chunks and put in high speed blender. Add frozen strawberries and lemon juice and blend until smooth. If you prefer it sweeter, add a little simple syrup and blend. Top with a St Germain floater!