Purely Elizabeth | GLUTEN FREE BERRY GRANOLA TARTPurely Elizabeth.


April 2019

Eat, Live, Recipes

Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. As soon as the new season hits, all I can think about is adding fresh spring fruits and vegetables back into my diet. The warmer weather also means enjoying meals outside. I created this fruit tart using our Maple Walnut Probiotic and added dates and peanut butter to form the crust. Topped with Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit, a drizzle of honey and some mint. This tart is easy to make and deliciously fresh! Prep it for a weekend brunch or save it for an upcoming occasion like Mother’s Day!


2 cups Purely Elizabeth Maple Walnut Probiotic Granola
8 tablespoons peanut butter
16 dates, pitted
1 cup yogurt (I used Fage 2% Fat Greek Yogurt)
Fresh Fruit to top
Fresh Mint/Basil
Drizzle of Honey


In a food processor, combine granola, peanut butter and dates.  Blend crust ingredients until a crumbly paste is formed (so it can stick together). Press the mixture into a tart pan. Freeze tart crust for 1-2 hours. Remove from refrigerator when firm and top with yogurt, fruit, mint and honey. Store in refrigerator until serving.