What gives our new line of Functional Granola Bars their powerful benefits? We make them with 2g of Om Mushroom™ formula. 2g is the recommended serving size in each bar to provide the full benefits of the mushrooms.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms have been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years for their transformative healing powers. Each species has its own unique blend of potent nutrients—naturally aiding in a wide array of health benefits. Using the full-spectrum life-cycle of the mushroom, our products contain all of the bioactive compounds in a balance created by nature.

We use a variety of different mushrooms in our Functional Granola Bars to hone in on the nutrients and unique benefits of each species to create truly functional foods. Need energy? There’s a mushroom for that! Need glowing hair / skin / nails? There’s a mushroom for that too. 



FOR: Vitality, Endurance, Antioxidants + Bone Health

King Trumpet contains high levels of antioxidants, helping prevent or stop cell damage. Positive effects on cholesterol and bone health make this mushroom a great source of strength.


FOR: Immunity, Energy, Digestion + Heart Health

Turkey Tail contains potent polysaccharides, including beta-glucans, that give the body the energy it needs to function. It aids in establishing a resilient, strong immune system and contains prebiotics that help balance the micro-biome of the digestive system.


FOR: Stamina, Recovery, Circulation + Anti-Aging

Cordyceps naturally support respiration and oxygen delivery in the body, aiding in aerobic endurance. General vitality, circulation and even sexual performance benefit from this mushroom as it helps produce and maintain constant energy levels.


FOR: Immunity, Longevity, Stress Relief + Calm

The “Mushroom of Immortality”– Reishi balances and supports the immune system. It helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system– nourishing the heart. This mushroom is also highly adaptogenic, managing mental and physical stressors on the body and creating a sense of peace as it lowers cortisol levels.


FOR: Energy, Immunity, Stress Relief + Circulation

Himematsutake contains high levels of polysaccharides, which provide the body with energy. This mushroom also stimulates the immune system, helping it fight disease while benefitting blood circulation by managing triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


FOR: Neurological Health, Memory + Cognitive Function

Lion’s Mane will stimulate healthy nerve cell formation and function in the nervous system. Decreasing brain fog and increasing memory, this mushroom boosts concentration and supports a clear mind.


FOR: Metabolism, Immunity + Healing

Antrodia nourishes the liver, which aids in the metabolic processes of the body as well as in overall healing. This mushroom is also a source of enhanced immunity, as it fights against viral infection and stimulates production of white blood cells.


FOR: Immunity, Balance, Digestion + Energy

Maitake contains beta-glucans that are especially powerful in supporting a strong immune system as well as in increasing energy. By lowering insulin resistance, this mushroom helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which stabilize physical and emotional reactions and sustain energy levels. All of this together can assist in weight loss and digestion.


FOR: Detox, Immunity, Beauty + Circulation

Shiitake mushrooms boast healing properties that benefit the liver, cardiovascular health and the immune system, while aiding in detoxification. A true beauty food, this mushroom is also full of nutrients and vitamins, including selenium and zinc, which promote clear and glowing skin.

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