Connecting Soul and Science
Connecting Soul and Science

"I could go as far to say that supplements saved my life" 

- JasonWachob

Chances are, at some point along your own journey in collecting information and inspiration about health and wellness, you have read an article or learned some groundbreaking news from this week’s guests. Colleen and Jason Wachob are the Co-Founders and CEOs of mindbodygreen, the media resource for all things wellness. Through their own healing journeys and relationship, they set a goal to provide a space for people to come and learn, share ideas, and gather a wealth of information about the latest in health to see what resonated for them on their personal journey. Not only did they meet that goal, but far exceeded it and now have a team of employees, their own supplement line, annual festival, and much more in the works. Colleen and Jason talk with Elizabeth about their “why” for starting mindbodygreen in 2009 and share how they each saw the true power in food, mind, and body from healing their own health challenges. This married power couple also talk about setting boundaries and the importance of blocking time and space for self care. Don’t miss the rapid fire Q&A at the end to hear what they feel is the best of the best right now both in new technology and time tested basics for health.

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