Exploring Cultural Heritage and Sharing Big Bold Food Stories
Exploring Cultural Heritage and Sharing Big Bold Food Stories

"Nothing beats relationships and nothing beats being kind to people naturally."

-Hawa Hassan

Hawa Hassan is an acclaimed culinary triple threat, celebrated as a James Beard Award-winning chef, dynamic TV personality, and successful entrepreneur behind the delicious Basbaas condiment line inspired by her Somalian roots. In this episode, Hawa recounts her compelling journey from Kenya to the United States and the insights she gained about integrity, kindness, and true relationship building. She talks about her drive to create and connect with others through food and story, inspired by her mother’s commitment to providing her with a better future. Hawa shares her inspiration behind her enchanting cookbook, In Bibi’s Kitchen, and why it was so important for her to share recipes and stories from grandmothers in eight African countries bordering the Indian Ocean. Hawa and Elizabeth also discuss the freedom that comes with practicing healthy habits that you actually like, and establishing a business plan that serves as a roadmap, even if you go off track.

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