What’s Hot in Wellness in 2023 and Beyond
What’s Hot in Wellness in 2023 and Beyond

"Wellbeing is becoming the new expression of personal values for so many women in the same way that fashion was years ago." 

- Jason & Colleen Wachob

Elizabeth is so excited to kick off Season 5 with her favorite wellness couple, Colleen and Jason Wachob, Co-Founders and CEOs of mindbodygreen, the trusted website and resource for everything in the health space. Colleen and Jason’s job is to stay up to date and ahead of the curve on all things wellness, so they have some invaluable tips and insight on what’s ahead for 2023. They talk with Elizabeth about the importance of getting back to IRL contact, and how wellness centers are leading the way by offering multiple healing modalities and tools. They also share how their perspective of wellness is different going into 2023 as it was from the past, their favorite mindbodygreen supplements, a few sleep products, and how both sufficient protein and resistance training can be an absolute game changer for women in many ways. Enjoy!

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