Live Purely With Kelly Turner
Live Purely With Kelly Turner

"We’re starting to see the two worlds blending. This world of healthy lifestyle coming in with the big strong medicine or conventional medicine. They can work together, and that’s a beautiful thing." 

- Kelly Turner

Best-Selling Author and Ph.D. on The 10 Key Healing Factors Seen in Radical Remission

Elizabeth welcomes Kelly Turner, Ph.D. and New York Times best-selling author of Radical Remission and Radical Hope. Kelly talks about the research that came over the past 15 years of interviewing over 1500 cases of radical remission survivors, and the commonalities they had in surviving and thriving in a very statistically unlikely way. Kelly talks about the 10 key healing factors that repeatedly showed up in the survivors, as well as the important aspects of emotional well-being that we can bring into our everyday life to be happier and healthier. Kelly also shares her own personal journey in losing loved ones to cancer, and how she practices self-care and these wellness tips in her everyday life. This conversation is quite literally a life-changing one.

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