The Chocolate Cake That Changed Everything
The Chocolate Cake That Changed Everything

"The body knows how to really heal itself when you give it the things it needs." 

- Laurel Gallucci

Ever since Elizabeth laid her eyes and taste buds on one of Sweet Laurel’s confectionery delights, she knew she could be a customer and friend of the brand for life. This week, Laurel Gallucci, CEO and Founder of Sweet Laurel, joins the show. A lifelong home baker, Laurel was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and needed to drastically change her own diet and lifestyle. This led her to combine her own knowledge of healing and passion for helping others to Sweet Laurel. Now, Sweet Laurel’s baked goods are known in Los Angeles and beyond for having some of the best tasting and visually appealing cakes, and the company has grown immensely with some exciting culinary plans on the horizon. Laurel talks more about how she built Sweet Laurel from a grassroots approach and how she met her co-founder Claire, a few of the company’s core ingredients that are non-negotiables for great taste without sacrificing health, and how she stays sane and manages stress as a busy new parent.

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