Building the Next Generation of Cleansing and Health
Building the Next Generation of Cleansing and Health

"I didn't have the pedigree that you would normally have to go do it. But I had that tenacity, that mission that this has to happen." 

- Lisa Odenweller

Welcome to Season 3! To kick off this series of great guests, Elizabeth is thrilled to welcome Lisa Odenweller, CEO and Founder of Kroma Wellness, a premium functional health, and superfood company. Lisa is a visionary entrepreneur, wellness executive, and busy mother. She founded Kroma as a way to deliver nutritional wellbeing through simple and superior products that taste great and help you form healthier habits.

Lisa talks about Kroma’s high-quality offerings, and how she found investors such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Amy Schumer that believed in her mission and helped her reach the next level of helping people transform and achieve life-changing results. Prior to Kroma, Lisa was the founder and CEO of Beaming Superfood Cafe in Southern California, and she shares what she learned about resiliency and doing whatever it takes to follow your mission as her experience in leaving Beaming and founding Kroma. Lisa and Elizabeth also talk about their love of matcha, the importance of exercise, and how we can pick healthier caffeinated choices!

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